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Sqn Ldr (R) M.S. Shaikh

Sqn Ldr (R) M.S. Shaikh replaced UK RAF CFI in 1960 and served MFC as CFI till 1982, he churned out the best professionals for Pakistan aviation industry. He had the honour of training the highest in number of students, he trained Capt Amin Pasha who later joined MFC as a flight instructor..

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W/CDR (R) Ashraf

W/CDR (R) Ashraf worked as Dy. CFI along with Sqn Ldr (R) M.S. Shaikh training many individuals for Multan Flying Club.

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Capt. Ahsan Rehman

Capt. Ahsan Rehman was trained by Capt M.S. Shaikh and he later joined MFC as Flight Instructor and promoted as Dy. CFI. He flew more than 1500 hours and he flew the glory of MFC Cessna 172 AP-AZR to almost every airport on a training flight where she could fly. It was during his tenure that one day in a period of 24 hours Cessna 150 AP-AUD flew 22:15 in a 24-hour-period by different student/instructor pairs making a highest record of flying in one date. Later he joined PIA and left PIA as a B777 captain until he moved to SAUDIA.

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Flt. Lt. Shabbir Dogar

Flt. Lt. Shabbir Dogar received sword of honour in his career in PAF, he joined MFC in late 1970s and flew as a instructor too until he left for Agricultural Spray Flying in Sudan.

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Capt. Aijaz Ahmed

Capt. Aijaz Ahmed joined MFC in late 1970s for his CPL training, he later flew as a flight instructor for MFC until promoted as Dy. CFI and Admin Officer. He flew over 2500:00 hours on Cessna 172 until he joined Nishat Group in 1995 and is now MD/Chief Pilot of Pakistan Aviators (Pvt) Ltd.

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Capt. Yousuf Saeed

Capt. Yousuf Saeed joined MFC in early 1990s and also flew as an instructor/charter pilot for MFC till 2003 until he joined Nishat Group. He also commanded Cessna 180 and conducted many leaflet dropping and aerial work missions.

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Capt. Irfan Hashmi

Capt. Irfan Hashmi completed his CPL from MFC in early 1990s and he also became Dy. CFI MFC until he joined Shaheen Air as a B737 First Officer. He is now commanding A330 in Shaheen Air.

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Capt. Atif Alvi

Capt. Atif Alvi was also trained from MFC in late 1970s he joined MFC in 2005 as DY. CFI and served until 2009. He later moved as DY. CFI Rawalpindi Flying Club and CFI Peshawar Flying Club in 2014.

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Capt. Umair Faiq

Capt. Umair Faiq joined MFC in 2007 for CPL training and he later joined as Flight Instructor in 2009 and promoted as DY. CFI in 2012. He flew the highest in number in single engine training hours in MFC with over 3500:00 hours and conducted various leaflet dropping and charter flights. He was very well renowned for his instructional flying and flight navigation.