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Capt. Amin Pasha

Capt. Amin Pasha joined MFC in 1978 as a student pilot and completed his training in 1979 and joined MFC as Flight Instructor in 1980. He flew as a safety pilot too for few months. He had the honour of training most of the students in aviation since 1980s and till date, he took General aviation as his career. Along with training, he is also DCP from Pakistan CAA for CPL/ATPL issue and renewal checks. He has flown more than 10,000:00 hours and he is still logging. He has played a pivotal role in charter and aerial work too including relief flight for flood victims for food dropping from aircraft during the Sutlej flood in Bahawalpur region.

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Capt. Shajie Hassan

Capt. Shajie Hassan got his CPL training from MFC in 2008 and he joined MFC as Flight Instructor in 2013 and later promoted as Dy. CFI in December 2015 and till date.